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From ARMY Blackhawk Pilot to Country Music Star with Ryan Weaver

Episode Summary

Ryan Weaver is a soldier turned Country Music Star who lost his brother and brother in law in combat operations. Ryan shares his story of moving through pain and struggles to achieve his dreams of becoming a music artist.

Episode Notes

Country music artist and motivational speaker, former US Army Blackhawk Aviator and a member of a two time Gold Star Family.

Ryan is the first Country Music Star without ever being officially signed to record label. He's performed with some of the biggest names and has also created his own patriotic clothing line.

Ryan is a motivational speaker who shares his story of losing his brother and brother-in-law and helps people figure out ways to get through adversities in life.

Learn more about Ryan here:

Check out his latest music video, Let's Talk About Heroes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebULvWwmIXs

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