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In conversation with Daniel Ramsey, CEO of MyOutDesk, he helped us to appreciate the serious challenges that encounter small businesses. Many owners are spending inordinate amounts of time doing tasks unrelated to their core business. They do these task themselves because it is costly to hire additional employees. Is there another option? Yes there is. Learn about outsourcing some of these administrative tasks and others so you can focus on growing your business and loving on your clients. Scale your business virtually! https://www.myoutdesk.com/blog/sales-development-reps-the-true-catalysts-in-business/ https://www.myoutdesk.com/blog/what-is-a-virtual-assistant-what-does-a-virtual-assistant-do1/

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In this episode of Lead Sell Grow with the CEO of MyOutDesk, Daniel Ramsey, we discussed the challenges many small business owners have balancing activities that help grow the business and activities that just need to get done.

As an entrepreneur, he came to this realization firsthand during his honeymoon. While his bride slept, Daniel was taking care of the demands of his business. 

Was there a better way to be able to run a business without the business running him?

Soon Daniel was working on a new business venture which became MyOutDesk. 

Jobs that were once being done by a stressed out owner can now be outsourced and the owner can focus on what they do best, loving on their clients and growing their business. 

Positions for administration, sales development, virtual assistants and more, can be outsourced at a fraction of the cost.

Check out the links and see that there is a better way,

Virtual Assistants as Sales Development Representatives

What is a Virtual Assistant?

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